Monday, September 10, 2007

Elsevier gives away journal articles?

Elsevier has figured out a way to give away some of their journal articles -- by harvesting the email addresses of medical doctors and by selling advertising space to pharmaceutical companies. Read on in this NY Times article.

A Medical Publisher’s Unusual Prescription: Online Ads

Published: September 10, 2007
By some measures, the medical publishing world has met the advent of the Internet with a shrug, sticking to its time-honored revenue model of charging high subscription fees for specialized journals that often attract few, if any, advertisements.

Over the weekend, went live. But now Reed Elsevier, which publishes more than 400 medical and scientific journals, is trying an experiment that stands this model on its head. Over the weekend it introduced a Web portal,, that gives doctors free access to the latest articles from 100 of its own pricey medical journals and that plans to sell advertisements against the content.

etc., etc., etc.

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