Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yet even more on the Harvard OA Plan

Library Journal Academic Newswire -- This Week's News
* A Shot Heard 'Round the Academic World: Harvard FAS Mandates Open Access
* After Harvard, the Open Access Deluge?
* Shieber: Librarians Very Involved with Harvard OA Motion

Open Access News
Here are some comments on the Harvard OA mandate. They are from Paul Courant at Au Courant, Jonathan Eisen at Tree of Life, and Peter Murray-Rust at The CML Blog.

Harvard To Collect, Disseminate Scholarly Articles For Faculty
"In a move to disseminate faculty research and scholarship more broadly, the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted today to give the University a worldwide license to make each faculty member's scholarly articles available and to exercise the copyright in the articles, provided that the articles are not sold for a profit...."

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