Thursday, April 17, 2008

SciFinder Scholar available on the Web???

It looks like CAS has finally developed a basic level web-based search platform for the commercial SciFinder product. Maybe they will have an interface for SciFinder Scholar ready soon, too. [It should be ready sometime in August, 2008 according to an email I received from their customer support.] More information can be found here and a flash demo is here. Thanks to Randy Reichardt at the University of Alberta for finding this.


Eric said...

The web version of SciFinder is for both academic and commerical customers, as stated in the CAS news release for this. There will be no separate web version for SciFinder Scholar.

Joe said...

Looks like we might get web-based access in August, 2008...

[Someone as CAS says: "As much as I would like to provide you and your colleagues access to the web version, I can not at this time. The good news is that you may have access in May according to the schedule below."

August 2008
Non-Package Ph.D. without SSM
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