Friday, June 13, 2008

Another good graduation speech

Got this from the Blue Skunk Blog, which I found from Stephen Abram.

Everything I know in 15 minutes -- Everything I have learned about education and life over the past 55 years summed up in 15 or 20 minutes. (Graduation address for Nova Southeastern University June 7, 2008)

"I've been asked to give a commencement address tomorrow down in Ft. Lauderdale. Here are my current thoughts about what I'm addressing. My solemn pledge is not to go longer than 20 minutes.

Congratulations graduates of the Fischler School of Education and Human Resources. You have demonstrated intelligence, perseverance, and great tolerance for uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time. Many of you completed much of your coursework before laptops and wireless connectivity allowed you to endure tedious lectures by multi-tasking and updating your Facebook page. To all of you, my deepest admiration."

Etc., etc., etc....

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